Birth is Art.

Morning sickness and the ultrasound photos were the only ways to assure the existence of this small life. I just could not wait to go to my periodic medical checkup to get the newest ultrasound photos. While spreading body cream on my belly, I admired and thought deeply of my baby in the monochrome photos. When I think about it now, time flew so fast as I felt my baby growing bigger in the belly of mine. With the legs stretched out, my baby was not just a picture anymore. The baby I met eventually rolled over, stood up, and walked... Every stage of growth was so enjoyable and I was so desperate not to miss any moments. In the corner of my mind, all the memories of the whole nine months that I was with my baby still remain. I have been a bit of a creator for more than ten years and one day I came to realize that my baby is the best of the best. That’s when this poster was born. When my baby grows up, I’m going to raise a glass in front of the poster together.

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